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Dating is simple but not always easy.

In this 3-hour, power-packed seminar, Alasha shows you how to date with purpose in 5 specific areas that will help you attract the one for you.

  • Self-Assessment
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Creating New Habits
  • Negotiating Needs and Wants
  • Picking a Partner 

#1 Self-Assessment

Your dating success and relationship longevity depend on your purpose for dating. Knowing why you want to date allows you to communicate with anyone you decide to add to your circle. 

We take a look at why you want to be in a union with someone giving you eye-opening clarity on the question, “Why Do I Want to Get Married?”

#2 Limiting Beliefs

The way you think about yourself, dating, and relationships plays a huge part in partner selection. You are having a hard time meeting the one because although you are acting forward, your beliefs around dating are causing you to think backward. This causes you to sabotage relationships before they get started.  

We look at the negative self-talk that is getting in the way of you not taking action on your desire to know love. 

#3 Creating New Habits

When you create new dating habits in your life you avoid the typical dating traps. Green flags become more apparent, which makes it easier to recognize what you don’t want. When you shift your focus to look for green flags instead of red flags, you invite people into your circle that resemble what you want versus what you don’t want.

Together we will discover the limiting beliefs holding you back and create new beliefs to replacing your old thought patterns.

#4 Negotiating Needs and Wants

Most daters think they are great negotiators. The reality is people in general are poor negotiators. Most people are unaware of how to create and communicate boundaries around what they will accept in a relationship. They are unable to create those boundaries because they are unclear about what those boundaries are. 

In this section of the workshop, we look at setting boundaries around expectations, needs, and wants from potential partners.

#5 Picking A Partner

Working from the inside out is how you attract the right person. Once you understand what has been holding you back from a successful relationship, you can gather the right tools to date for success. 

In this section, we talk about how to:

  • Meet high-quality people
  • Be the chooser instead of waiting to be chosen
  • Set boundaries around dating
  • Vet potential mates quickly so you can move on

Training by Dating Mechanics LLC. is for educational and informational purposes. The information provided in or through this website along with any material is solely a self-help tool for your own use. There are no promises to find fairytale love. A successful relationship takes time to build. The success you have or don’t have relies on multiple factors but most of them revolve around how well you apply what you learn and your consistency. If you are willing to do the inner work, this training can be a great start to meeting the right person for you. Your success is up to you.