You are searching your mind trying to figure out why the person you love won’t love you like you’ve asked them to. Why nothing you do is enough even though you have read the books, listened to the gurus, talked to the old married couples, read the scriptures and applied the things you’ve discovered about how to treat the one you love so intimately.

All you want to do is get a grasp on how to be a better mate for that person but what faith in them and the relationship is blinding you to is nothing you do will be enough. The person you are with is tied up emotionally. They’re struggling with their own inadequacies and they don’t know how to express it to you because their trying to run and hide from facing them.

Deep down they know it to be true, but they stay on the surface of their life and refuse to dig deeper because they don’t want to feel uncomfortable. They have issues they don’t know how to deal with and instead of them seeking guidance, they blame you for their inability to face, at the very least, their own ego.

When you get tired of being their fault person, they will go on to the next and for them it will be the same cycle of unlove. That cycle will continue until they decide to take a good look in the mirror and admit a change in themselves is the only way to get to true happiness and the self-love they don’t realize is missing.

But what are you going to do? You can stick it out day after day, burdened, thinking you have to keep changing to finally please them or you can pick up the power and self-worth you laid down to cater to someone in their own way and regain your lost joy.

You deserve to be loved in a way that is satisfying and in a relationship that is enjoyable. Consider setting up an appointment to speak with me on how to reclaim your happiness.

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