7 Things to Learn About Love From Coming 2 America

Jill Scott asked a good question, “Is it the way you love me?”

If you have been in more than one romantic relationship you have most likely noticed, your interactions with those partners caused certain reactions in and from you. With some partners, it was easy to thrive emotionally or physically but with others, you found yourself in an uncomfortable space where you felt stuck or unable to experience growth.

Here are 7 things from Coming 2 America that struck me as great takeaways when it comes to knowing what love and positive interactions look like from people who care for us.  No matter the type of love relationship understanding what love looks and feels like is important when considering who you let occupy your space. 

The return of a classic movie was all the rage this week. With a great majority of the original cast. Coming 2 America was more than nostalgia. We were able to get some takeaways to help us grow. 

The interaction between these two characters showed us when we use our tongue to lift up instead of tear down the results are undeniable. People thrive when they know they have the support of others. 

It is never too late to correct a wrong. When we let others know we have heard them and considered their feelings we show them we value them. What makes both people whole is when the wronged party gives the offender the space to come humbly and acknowledged their regret. 

The greater the purpose the more understanding all parties must have. Looking beyond ourselves and our own happiness to make sure everyone is doing well advances all involved. 

Those who are there for us in our time of need, who are willing to help us with the smallest to the biggest of tasks, show us that love is not about what you can do for them in return. When we think of others naturally these actions will come back to us in other ways. 

When we are open to getting to know someone by hearing their story first, we put our expectations into perspective. We give people the room to be who they are, and we adjust accordingly.  

Experience, knowledge, and good judgment are the pillars of wisdom. When we take heed to those who have quality advice to give it helps us advance further and dissolve issues.   

When we make everything about winning, we miss the biggest rewards. It is more beneficial to feel safe and secure in a relationship than to be at war. If it is more important to be victorious there is a great chance you will be celebrating alone. 

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