• I am very satisfied with Alasha's couple and life coaching skills. She helped me speak up for myself in my marriage. She helped me to see that I was doing better than I gave myself credit for and she helped me to be better for my family overall.

    Sam Mackey Professional DJ
  • Alasha has great insight that is advanced and at the same time clear cut. She causes you to think about what she is saying and you want to apply the new understanding to your own situation. I always feel like, why didn't I think of that!

    Michelle Butler Assistant Manager
  • Alasha opens your mind and eyes to see yourself and new perspectives when it comes to dating. She poses questions that will stretch and challenge your beliefs and thoughts on dating and relationships. She inspires you to evolve. She is the heart whisperer.

    Leon Temple Minister, Author
  • Your book (Dear Future Spouse) is really what got my husband to propose to me. I was with him for 7 months. I started it in June he proposed in October. Your first book the one on what to look for helped also.

    Satoria Holland Empowerment Coach
  • Alasha comes with a wealth of knowledge that needs to be shared with a lot of couples especially young couples.

    Joyette Murphy Sociology Professor
  • Alasha delivered a coaching experience over and above my expectations. Her warm, inviting, and open demeanor made it easy for me to share my thoughts without fear of judgement. She helped me find practical and unique solutions, tailored to my needs. The best part is that the solutions we developed together were practical and easy for me to implement into my daily routine. I now feel equipped with the tools I need to feel confident in my future. I would recommend anyone who is ready for a change and to be successful as a single person or in relationships to consider coaching with Alasha. You will leave with so much more than you bargained for.

    LaShawn Yates The Small Business Doula
  • The Dear Future Spouse book is everything. myself and husband just started working our first exercise today. Writing this letter made me realize all issues I needed to work on within self and understand how to be the best wife I can be. This actually helps in so many ways for both of us. Thanks for writing this is SUPER dope.

    Davonya Eberhardt Hair Stylist
  • Thank you, Queen. You've helped tremendously. I now know my worth and I deserve the world!! We all do!! Thank you for helping me see that!!

    John Omar Ruiz Aviation Maintenance