How long do you want to be married? It seems like a strange question to ask. Forever, seems like the obvious answer. Yet, newly engaged couples rarely plan for forever. They go from the proposal straight to the wedding. Some talk about how many kids they want, and where they will live. They fantasize about growing old with one another and how they will never let anything come between them. What they forget to talk about is how they will accomplish it. The couple neglects to first, create the foundation that will hold their marriage together. They miss the mark by not making a Relationship Blueprint for their success.

What is a Relationship Blueprint? 

Think of marriage as a team. The blueprint is the detailed outline that serves as the team’s master plan on how they want their marriage and relationship to look. This master plan will help navigate issues that will arise. It also influences the decisions the couple will make in and around the relationship. The blueprint was made with the team’s sound and logical mind before feelings come into play.  Every team makes its own blueprint based on the desired outcomes. Here are the areas discussed in premarital coaching. 

Premarital Coaching Focus

  • Communication techniques.
  • Conversation skills.
  • Being assertive with requests.
  • Identifying Critical Issues.
  • Prioritizing issues that can be solved.  
  • Healthy Relationship Balance. 
  • Staying true to self.
  • Self care and self comforting.
  • Conflict resolution.
  • Power of forgiveness.
  • Setting goals for financial success. 
  • Sex and intimacy.
  • Staying Bonded.
  • Relationship harmony.
  • Spiritual development.
  • Managing expectations
  • Relationship roles and identity.
  • Children and parenting.
  • Blended families.
  • Couple goals and legacy building.

44% of Divorced Couples

wish they knew what to expect in marriage. The truth is, there’s no way to divorce-proof a marriage. The good news is, that you can be prepared to deal with the challenges a marriage will face.

Challenges, often called tests, in a relationship are unavoidable. Most couples try to minimize challenges by deciding not to deal with them. They duck and dodge addressing small issues that turn into huge arguments.

This avoidance results in resentment and for many couples permanent separation. This causes the marriage and the family tremendous harm.

Prepared Couples Anticipate Challenges

In fact, they resolve them faster when they foresee them. Why? Because tests in a relationship are necessary for its growth. Without challenges it is impossible for the union to grow, it is impossible for the two people to grow, and it is impossible for the couple to make an impact on others.

Premarital coaching sessions are designed to tackle the hard questions couples often do not ask until problems arise. Having conversations early will help the couple work together on how to find solutions they both agree with. 

It is important to note the assessment does not predict compatibility for marriage, it highlights areas of strength and areas for growth. It is in the areas of growth that I work with couples, through coaching, to understand each other’s viewpoint and how to navigate needs and wants in the union. The first step to coaching is to take the couple’s assessment. This will help identify the areas a couple would like to enhance.

Each person is given an online assessment they will take separately to measure their thoughts in various areas. The couple then compares their thoughts to see where they strongly agree and where they may see some difference in their thinking or approach. As they go over the results of the assessment the couple will collaborate on where they want to improve their connection.

As a coach, I work with clients who are ready to make healthy choices and conquer specific goals to improve the quality of their relationships and personal lives. I look forward to meeting you both and working with you. 

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