Couples Assessment

Only $147.00

The first step to coaching is for couples to take the Couples Assessment. Taken in the comfort of their own home on their personal computers, couples receive a link and access code to open the assessment. The same code should be used by both people when logging in to the couple’s account. Once logged in, each person will be able to complete their individual portion of the assessment. Couples should refrain from sharing answers. They will get the most from their assessment when there is no influence from their partner.

*Assessment can take up to 2 hours to show up in your email. Check your spam account if you do not see it.

*Please provide the best email you have access to at checkout for receiving the assessment.

*Reading of the assessment is included and can be read via phone or virtually. You will receive a link to Alasha’s calendar to discuss the results once both people have completed the assessment.

*The Assessment is an intake session to evaluate the couples areas of strength and where they desire improvement for coaching purposes. Couples are not obligated to get coaching services.