Singles Assessment

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I know what you’re thinking…close enough is good enough right? Wrong!

Part of the reason singles find themselves in and out of unsatisfying relationships is because they meet someone and get close to all they require in a relationship and don’t hold out for the complete package. They don’t actually complete their goal of finding their perfect mate they just get close to it.

It is time to stop cheating yourself! When you are not being truthful about what you want it causes you to put your dreams and desires on the back burner. It gives away your power to choose and rests that decision in the hands of the chooser. If you are serious about making a change toward finding your perfect mate it starts at this moment right here.

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*Reading of the assessment is included and can be read via phone or virtually. You will receive a link to Alasha’s calendar within 24 hours to set an appointment to discuss your answers to the assessment.

*Give yourself 20 minutes of undistracted quiet time to complete the Assessment. You are not obligated to get coaching services from the assessment.