Managing Expectations While Dating

Thank you for joining me for the Dating Mechanics Podcast. I am your host Alasha Bennett, The Dating Mechanic. Today we are talking about Managing Your Expectations. I made a post on social media talking about this where I pointed out three specific ways you can manage your expectations while dating to avoid always feeling disappointed.

I read a lot of comments regularly where people are talking about these horrible dating experiences and how they hate dating. What I notice is they are having a hard time dating because they have these expectations that are not being filled. They are blaming the other person for not giving them the experience they had hoped for. If you find yourself ready to give up on dating because it has been a huge letdown. It is not them that needs to adjust, it is you. Hang on to your seat I am going to tell you why your expectations in dating are leading you to disappointment. Tune in.

In This Episode I give 3 great points on how to manage your expectations while dating and a journal entry to help identify those expectations.

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Remember to get that journal entry in. First, you recognize your dating and relationship patterns then you make a plan to turn your relationships around.

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