Dating feels complicated but honestly, it is simple to understand once you take away the false beliefs we have been fed about what dating is, its purpose, and how it should be done. There is a misconception amongst the single community that unless you have everything perfectly aligned in your life, you should avoid dating at all costs. This idea although coming from a place of well-meaning has kept many singles from having wonderful experiences that ultimately contribute to the process of meeting the right person. Every single does not have the same dating goals. There are 3 main reasons why a single person dates:

  • They want to receive love and companionship.
  • They are looking for their forever love. 
  • They have personal needs they want to be filled. 

Let’s define what dating is.

Dating: Two people meeting at a specified time on a particular day to enjoy an activity together.

When you explain dating in simple terms, anxiety starts to fade away and you can turn your attention to the more important pieces of the dating process.

Everyone will not have the same dating goals. Whatever reason you are choosing to date, there are 4 stages to dating for success.

Stage #1

Focus On What You Want.

The most crucial step in dating is understanding why you want to be in a relationship and what you want from it. Having a list is highly underrated. When you bypass the list, you have already set yourself and the future relationship up for failure. An effective list works backward and puts the focus on the outcome you desire to see in you.

Stage #2

Date With Intention.

You have a clear picture of the outcome you want to achieve, now you can match your intentions with actions by creating your strategy for engagement. Your dating plan is the execution of the list. In this stage you are putting together opportunities to meet potential mates and participating in those opportunities with an open mind. 

Stage #3

Spend Quality Time Making a Decision.

In this stage you are narrowing down prospects by paying close attention to deal breakers. You will refer back to your list often to see where there is potential to go further with a person. It is in this stage they have to show consistent behaviors that mirror their words. From these prospects you will choose one who closely resembles your prefered character traits and life goals. 

Stage #4

Know When to Walk Away.

This process has guided you by helping you stay in the present when choosing your best possible mates. In this stage you will consciously look at red flags in behaviors and beliefs and talk about them openly and honestly. Unsolvable issues will bring the relationship to an end. That person is no longer a potential partner choice. You will reflect and revise the list if needed to continue with your love goals. 

Taking the assessment will help you prioritize your relationship goals and give you a clear picture of your readiness for a partner. The assessment identifies areas of strength and areas for growth. I work with my clients to become aware of their dating habits and relationship challenges. Together, we use the information to set up a dating plan of action to find the right mate for them. As a coach, I work with clients who are ready to make healthy choices and conquer specific goals to improve the quality of their relationships and personal lives. I would love to work with you! Let’s get started.

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