Tinder Online Dating and relationship advice from Alasha Bennett


During the pandemic I was interviewed by channel 3 on how dating was going during Covid. (You can watch that video HERE). As the Pandemic is winding down, Angelique Ceprine of channel 13 looked me up to see if dating has changed post pandemic.

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Angelique: “This is Alasha Bennett, AKA the Dating Mechanic. She’s a relationship and dating coach based in Virginia Beach but she works with clients from all over.”

Alasha: “They’re dating intentionally. They are looking for someone who is good for them emotionally, intellectually. I’m very pleasantly surprised. For as long as I have been doing this, this pandemic has gotten people to really think about who they want in their life and that’s phenomenal.”

Angelique: “Bennett describes some of her client priorities seemingly shifting. But she tells me about the need for communication and staying constant and that goes for virtual spaces too.”

David Alan: “Coach Bennett says she’s also helped guide couples who struggled to stay together during the pandemic.”

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